Citing the FRDBI


How to cite the FRDBI

FRDBI represents the communal work of a large group of individuals. Records often represent substantial investment in time and resources in order to obtain a correct species diagnosis. Thus we ask if the records on FRDBI are used by you in a publication that you cite them in the following format:

Determiners Name, Year. Identification with authority recorded date of records, Fungal Record Database of Britain and Ireland [Accessed on date of access]


Jones, A. 2016. Boletus edulis Bull. recorded 13.09.2008, Fungal Record Database of Britain and Ireland [Accessed 24.10.2019]

If you are citing the FRDBI in general, we ask that you cite it in the following format:

The British Mycological Society, 2009. Fungal Records Database of Britain and Ireland. [Accessed on date of access]

and that you also cite

Cannon, P. 1998. Database of British fungal records from literature sources. Mycologist 12(1):25-26