Forgotten password


Forgotten or lost password

1. If you have forgotten or lost your password you will need to make, enter and save a new password of your choice. The system cannot tell you your old password. In the process the system sends you an email to make sure you are the owner of that email address and hence entitled to change the password. Start by clicking  on the 'request new password' link on the homepage at

2. Enter your email address on the next page and click the Email new password link.

3. Disregard the screen that comes up next

4. Look in your email for an email from In the middle of the email is a link you click on to verify your email address and take you back to the website. If this link does not work copy and paste it in the top of your internet browser.

5. After clicking on the link you will come to this page where you click the login button.

6. Enter the new password you have just thought up into the Password box and repeat it in the Confirm Password box.Make a note of this password !

7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save

8. Your new password is saved in the system and you can go to any page you want to now.